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I have not been having any success with birds recently.  The little ones that were around in such abundance a few weeks ago seem to have moved on. Though there are plenty bird calls coming from the tree canopy.

Here are the ones I have noticed recently

  • Galahs
  • Crimson rosellas
  • Crested pigeons
  • Wattlebirds
  • Fan tailed cuckoo (I have not seen this bird but identified it from the Birds in Backyards top 40 birdsongs.  Now I know what I am looking for I might see it one day).


  1. And possibly the 'Koel". I am hearing him a lot lately. Must be his time of the year down here.

    I heard a mesmerising call from high in a Magnolia down in Jamieson. I waited and waited to try to see him. And he could not contain his curiosity about moi. My cousin identified it as a Striated Pardalote. Beautiful little bird, with a most compelling call. Not beautiful necessarily, but hard to ignore as it does go on so.

  2. Ah you mention two very interesting birds here. The Koel is a cuckoo from New Guinea that visits us at this time of year. I quite like their call, which starts very early in the morning. A girl at work was complaining about it the other day. They are around here but I sleep soundly so don't notice. I don't think I have ever seen a Koel but their call is hard to miss.

    As for the Pardalote, they are so tiny and live so high in the canopy that they are near impossible to capture, though I can see them up there and being chased about by the Miners (the native ones), There are Spotted Pardalotes out at the Rest. They have a very beautiful and loud call for such a little bird. I listened to the Striated Pardelote on the Birds in Backyard website and don't think I have heard that call. I have never seen them up close enough to realise how pretty they are.


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