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Flower Parade 4

Ooo I am so excited to see these donkey orchids flower again. This takes us on the full cycle of the floral year but we are not done yet I am still finding more flowers.


  1. I think I've never heard of a Donkey Orchid before and it's gorgeous!

  2. You have shown a DO before, Joan, but this is a spectacular version. So very easy to see where the common name came from.

    With all these flowers on your block, how will you slash/mow? I guess you leave little clumps ..

  3. Last year I didn't know their name when I took the photograph. This year I made sure the "donkey" shape was easily seen. Did you know there are duck orchids too, they are wonderful ... check this link out

    Regarding the slash/mow. Many of the flowers I am showing are in the area we have slashed and mowed. I was anxious for this spring to arrive so I could see how much we had lost in terms of flowers. Thus far there is only one flower I found last year which has not shown up yet. We had the mower blade very high and plan to only cut once or twice a year. In addition there are quite big sections that we have not mowed at all to make sure there are habitats left for the animals and flowers.


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