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I've got more flowers to show you but for a change of pace, here's our mountain in the moonlight photographed this weekend.  It's the best I could do, I don't really know how to do night shots.


  1. I think the picture has a romance and mystery to it. Well done.

  2. Oh WOW!!!
    It's the most gorgeous photo I've seen in a long time!
    I'm glad you don't know how to "do" night shots!

  3. It has turned out arty. I find night shots hard too. Need tripod because you need to slow the shutter speed. A high ISO number helps too.

  4. Joan is not keen on all that numbery stuff, Diane!

    But I agree with Letty, that this one turned out very atmospheric.

  5. Well to get this shot I had to do some of the numbery stuff ... in fact the things Diane suggested as well as turning of image stablisation off on my camera because apparently stablisation makes things to wonky when on a tripod (weird I reckon). I set a high ISO and let the camera choose the shutter speed because I had reached the limit of my interest in numbery stuff. My camera hates high ISOs hence all the noise in the image. Sigh ... I guess I will have to dig deeper into the numbery stuff next moonlit night.

  6. Nah ... better things to do on moonlit nights than that.


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