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We went out to the Rest today, to have a rest from all the spring cleaning we've been doing at Burnbrae.  As always I did a tour of the block looking for new things happening.  When I ventured over to the far corner there was a noticeable humming of bees.  I looked about thinking there must be a hive somewhere but looking up saw the high canopy of the big gum tree was in full flower ... and so wonderful to see blue sky after all the drab grey of recent weeks ... enough to make me hum.


  1. It is glorious, isn't it. And the depth to that blue.

    I went on a long walk this morning and encountered something similar. The sky was blue and without a cloud. The breeze was stiff looking out the heads, but still on the leeward side. The birds were chattering away in the canopy. Pretty good start to a year, methinks.

  2. My sister told me this morning she has a hive of native bees living under her house (a Queenslander - on little stilts).
    Have you come across any native bees at Whistlers?

  3. No native bees that I have seen but I have not seen may bees at all ... just heard them in this case.


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