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In the canopy

Julie also mentioned Pardalotes which are a tiny little bird with a beautiful big voice that live high in the canopy of the eucalyptus trees.  I know they are impossible to capture with my lens but I was trying to get a shot of the galahs which are bigger and were settling on the branches a bit lower down ... but I ended up with yet another shot of a Wattle Bird.  In this shot you can see its red wattles. These birds are honeyeaters and have an unattractive, loud, distinctive call.

Also high up in the canopy the Eucalypts are flowering.  I would have no hope of getting a photo except for the fact that the birds sometimes snip off the flowers so I found some on the ground.


  1. Yes, they have a strident call, I agree. I am fascinated by the word 'wattle' in this context. The pardalote I listened to was in a massive magnolia tree that was in flower. Eucalyptus flowers have a wonderful structure.

    Can you remind me (again) when to use 'gum' and when to use 'eucalyptus'?

  2. The two words are completely interchangeable. Gum being the more colloquial term ... apparently used by Governor Phillip so been around a while.

  3. goodo ... probably because gum is easier to spell!


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