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Old garden

Julie it seems that I have not shown the "garden" which is nothing more than fenced off area with a gate.  You can see the small lemon tree near the gate.  Now I am assuming it was an old garden rather than animal pen because we found an old spade, some old pots, a couple of bordered areas that could be garden beds and a rose and passionfruit vine growing on the fence.  The other thing is that it is fully fenced with chicken wire to the bottom on all sides which I guess is to keep the rabbits out.


  1. A fenced off area, yet within your block. Maybe it was a combination of orchard AND chook-pen. 'Free-range' in the days prior to hot-housing. I bet that gate is wedged so hard into the earth that it would take a tractor to close it. What is in the concret tub: looks like some sort of succulent, but too small to discern.

    Just delightful ...

  2. The tub is full of old rubbish, including something that looks like it might have been a bag of chook food with a jug cemented into the hardened grain, so I agree might have been a chook pen but not an orchard, the fruit trees are outside of the enclosure. Have not tried to move the gate.

  3. Some of this makes it appear as though a previous owner just up and died ...


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