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A comment from Julie about the Quaking Grass reminded me that there was a "minor" version of this plant and when I looked up the photo I realised that I had seen this on the block as well. This one is known as Shivery Grass though unlike the Quaking Grass I was more taken by their tiny heart shapes than by their shiveriness.

Talking of shivering.  The weather has been very changeable lately with it hot one minute and cold the next but the past two weekends out at the Rest have been beautiful, sunny but not too hot.


  1. This coming week is forecast for more of the same: possibility of shower each and every day, with a temperature in the very low 20s.

    I have seen this grass, too. Quaking and shivering ... now that is a naming method I can cope with.

    Grass seed has a most complex structure. Very beautiful. I can fully understand the attraction of the ornamental grasses.


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