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Autumn flowers

This shrub is flowering at the moment.  There are just two of them. I don't know what they are but I notice there are some of them flowering along the roadside too.

I've been busy trying to eradicate all the "bad" weeds before the council visits again in April.  The pesky Blackberries keep popping up but we are winning the battle.  I've been horrified to see Bridal creeper seedlings popping up in various parts of the garden so have been zapping whenever I spot them.  I think we've won against the Sweet Briar.  As for the Cineria, they flower at this time of year so it has been a rush to rip them up a fast as they flower, I could control them just by mowing as they are mostly in mowed areas but it  strikes me that if I pull the plant out of the ground it won't be there to bother me another year. That strategy is working against the St John's Wort but there are still zillions of them, just many fewer than there used to be.