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Poo hunting

It seems the neighbour on the other side is not keen in animals.  When discussing the specifications of our shared fence he insisted on it having barbed wire to keep the animals out .. and in the process mentioned the fat wombat that burrows under fence from our side.  I thought this was exciting news so spent a busy hour or so looking at all the poo on the block.

Crikey a lot of animals must wonder about in the night because there is poo everywhere ... kangaroo poo in the grassy areas, possum poo under the trees, rabbit poo here and there, something I think might be fox poo   But no wombat poo which is supposed to have a distinctive cube shape until I found these .. I think we've got a wombat!


  1. How exciting! Maybe you should go spotlighting one night?

  2. yes it is, gotta love animal hunting via poop. That is what we always do..


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