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Bush Christmas

We spent our Christmas at the Rest.  I added a little Christmas cheer by handing tinsels and baubles to the twiggy bush growth.

Christmas day was cold and wet.  Which was nice because for days before there was a total fire ban which would have made it difficult to cook the Christmas roast in the weber barbecue.

But all of that rain seems to have had little effect.  We were out at the Rest again this weekend and the ground is again brittle and thirsty.  It is so dry even the weeds have decided not to grow this year -- no St John's Wort to pull. As for the fruit on the trees -- not a single piece of fruit remained when we arrived at Christmas time and I notice the pear tree has now dropped all its leaf.  I think it has decided to give up, it is just too hot and dry.

The little wrens and willy wagtails seem happy.  They are hopping about all over the place in the shrubs and the King Parrots and Rosellas remain regular visitors.