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The rain has persuaded some more flowers to come out.

I am a little worried about this little purple Brachyscome. There used to be lots of it on the block and now just a few clumps.  One section where they used to grow appeared to have been heavily grazed (kangaroos, rabbits?) during the dry and now the flowers are gone.

I still don't know what this one is.

You can rest assured this thistle got the chop as soon as I took the photo.

The goodenia usually flowers much earlier than this.

There are no everlasting daisies either.  But cineria is flowering and as it was one of the weeds on the council's list that I have to control I have been pulling them out.  Not too many fortunately following my big purge last year and next to no blackberry has regrown thank goodness.  I checked the bridal creeper and there is a little bit showing up again under the Cypress that I will need to attack.