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St John's Wort

You might remember the St John's Wort from last year. Well they're back and I've been diligently pulling them out. It's a big job because there are oodles of them but not as many in the areas I cleared last year.

Last year I hoped beyond hope that these were the native Hypericum  but in the end admitted to defeat ... these were the noxious weed.

Well this year, while pulling them up I noticed this yellow flower and wondered hard about it.  It looked similar but different.  Smaller. Was it an immature version? I inspected closely and the leaves also seemed a little different. Well it turns out these are the Australian native version, called Little St John's Wort.  How nice is that.  One the benefits of pulling out all the weeds is I get a chance to look at the ground a lot and spot things I would otherwise miss.


  1. That's true, isn't it?
    You never would have seen the difference if you weren't up close and personal.
    Kinda makes you realize how we can wipe out native species when we farm or build roads.
    Out of sight, out of mind.

  2. I guess because it is native, it is not a weed. But it still could be noxious, perhaps?

    Keep pulling and by the time your pension comes due, they might be on their last seedings.

  3. The non native ones are a horror ... growing everywhere but I am making progress with them.

    The native ones are very few and far between.


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